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    Jackson UK tribute gig in doubt


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    Jackson UK tribute gig in doubt

    Post by Steph on Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:34 pm

    A Michael Jackson tribute concert in London next year is in doubt after the company organising the show dissolved.

    The Austrian firm, World Awards Media, said the decision to wind-up was made in November.

    No further details have been released but liquidator Martin Schneider said the company had lost the financial support of its main sponsor.

    It is not yet known if Jackson's brother Jermaine will still put on the gig himself.

    The concert was set to take place in June.

    It was initially planned to take place outside Vienna's Schoenbrunn Palace in September, but it was moved London's Wembley Stadium after running into problems.

    Organisers said too many performers were unable to commit because of scheduling conflicts.

    The Austrian media was also accused of stirring up a negative atmosphere.

    Former chief promoter Georg Kindel told the Austria Press Agency that he and Superfund founder Christian Baha - the majority owner of the now defunct company - split in October.

    Neither Mr Kindel nor Mr Baha could be reached for comment.

    Jackson died in June in Los Angeles aged 50.

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