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    01 UnderLand of the Lost

    The Mad Hatter's Wife
    The Mad Hatter's Wife

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    Location : With The Mad Hatter in Wonderland

    01 UnderLand of the Lost Empty 01 UnderLand of the Lost

    Post by The Mad Hatter's Wife on Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:46 pm

    The Land of the Lost Cast
    Rick Marshall: Spencer Milligan
    Uncle Jack Marshall: Ron Harper
    Will Marshall: Wesley Eure
    Holly Marshall: Kathy Coleman

    The Creatures
    Cha-Ka, Sa, Ta, Grumpy, Spike, Dopey, Emily, Big Alice, Junior, LuLu, Torchy, Sleestak, Enik

    The Hightopp Family
    Genevieve Amber Hightopp: Me
    Genevieve's mother, Tatyana Rachel Hightopp: Terri Irwin
    Genevieve's father, Tarrant Hightopp: Johnny Depp

    Genevieve's Grandparents:
    Genevieve's great-great-grandfather, Elias Devin Hightopp: Gene Wilder
    Genevieve's great-grandfather, Cash Richard Hightopp: Chuck Aber
    Genevieve's great-grandmother, Alyssa Tatiana Hightopp, married to Cash: Betty Aberlin
    Genevieve's grandfather, Brad Jayden Hightopp: Bob Stillman
    Genevieve's grandmother, Trinity Jamie Hightopp, married to Brad: Gates McFadden

    Genevieve's Aunts and Uncles:
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Tarrant's twin brother, Tarrance Hightopp: John Robert Hoffman
    Genevieve's favorite aunt, Monica Darlene Hightopp, married to Tarrance: Marlee Matlin
    Genevieve's favorite aunt, Bella Emily Hightopp: Brenda Blue
    Genevieve's favorite aunt, Madison Libby Hightopp: Mary Lou Retton
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Brooks Michael Hightopp: Billy Ray Cyrus
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Irving Drake Hightopp: Weird Al Yankovic
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Carson Jett Hightopp: Carson Daly
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Louis Titus Hightopp: Kirk Fogg
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Jason Braxton Hightopp: Jason Harris
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Dominic Lincoln Hightopp: Jeff Douglas
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Wesley Lewis Hightopp: Wil Wheaton
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Lamont Louis Hightopp: LeVar Burton
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Brent Xavier Hightopp: Brent Spiner
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Gordon Trenton Hightopp: Jeff Gordon
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Dawson Andrew Hightopp: Dave Aizer
    Genevieve's favorite aunt, Stacy Lily Hightopp, married to Dawson: Summers Sanders
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, William Dennis Hightopp: Jonathan Frakes
    Genevieve's favorite aunt, Delia Sage Hightopp, married to William: Marina Sirtis
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Nehemiah Scott Hightopp: Scott Durbin
    Genevieve's favorite aunt, Vanessa Skye Hightopp, married to Nehemiah: Vivian B. McLaughlin
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Dustin Malcolm Hightopp: Jeff Dunham
    Genevieve's favorite aunt, Erin Shea Hightopp, married to Dustin: Wendy Makkena
    Genevieve's favorite aunt, Katherine Nadia Hightopp: Kelly from Adventure Camp 2
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Elijah Colby Hightopp: Dylan Bruno
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Elijah's twin brother, Isaac Darrell Hightopp: David Krumholtz
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Amari Robert Hightopp: Alec Baldwin
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Amari's twin brother, Nicholas Duncan Hightopp: Stephen Baldwin
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Paul Kevin Hightopp: JC Chasez
    Genevieve's favorite uncle, Paul's twin brother, Dante Kevin Hightopp: Kevin Richardson

    Genevieve's Brothers and Sisters:
    Genevieve's deceased older brother, Michael Rohan Hightopp: Michael Jackson
    Genevieve's older brother, Michael's twin brother, Marshall Wade Hightopp: Michael J. Fox
    Genevieve's older brother, Gregory Austin Hightopp: Greg Page
    Genevieve's older brother, Gregory's twin brother, Samuel Geoffrey Hightopp: Sam Moran
    Genevieve's older brother, Lucas Clay Hightopp: John Tartaglia
    Genevieve's older brother, Lucas' twin brother, Walker Elijah Hightopp: Wilmer Valderrama
    Genevieve's older brother, Bradyn Terry Hightopp: Donovan Patton
    Genevieve's older brother, Bradyn's twin brother, Seth Truman Hightopp: Steven Burns
    Genevieve's older brother, Jesse Dawson Hightopp: JD Roth
    Genevieve's older brother, Timothy Davis Hightopp: Magnús Örn Scheving
    Genevieve's older brother, Reilly Wyatt Hightopp: Ty Pennignton
    Genevieve's older brother, Phillip Duncan Hightopp: Jeff Corwin
    Genevieve's older brother, Blake Douglas Hightopp: Barry Williams
    Genevieve's older brother, Mitchell Patrick Hightopp: Ben Barnes
    Genevieve's older brother, Emerson Alexander Hightopp: Ewan McGregor
    Genevieve's older brother, Matthew Armani Hightopp: Matt Gallant
    Genevieve's older brother, Larry Coleman Hightopp: Chris Kratt
    Genevieve's older sister, Leah Mariana Hightopp: Lisa J. Lennox
    Genevieve's younger sister, Lillian Angel Hightopp: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Genevieve's younger sister, Rhea Faith Hightopp: Christy Carlson Romano
    Genevieve's younger sister, Irene Kelsey Hightopp: Keltie Martin
    Genevieve's younger sister, Celine Nicole Hightopp: Caroline from ZOOM
    Genevieve's younger brother, James Miles Hightopp: David Henrie
    Genevieve's younger brother, James' twin brother, Cannon Calvin Hightopp: Corbin Bleu
    The Mad Hatter's Wife
    The Mad Hatter's Wife

    Posts : 524
    Join date : 2009-10-13
    Age : 35
    Location : With The Mad Hatter in Wonderland

    01 UnderLand of the Lost Empty Re: 01 UnderLand of the Lost

    Post by The Mad Hatter's Wife on Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:46 pm

    Chapter 1
    All My Life

    One day a beautiful young 27 year old girl named Genevieve Amber Hightopp along with her father, Tarrant Hightopp and her father's twin brother, her favorite uncle Tarrance Hightopp were out on a raft when all of a sudden they came to a waterfall and they were trying hard not to fall down the waterfall but before they knew it they were swept down the gigantic 1,000 foot waterfall and was suck through a portal which brought them to the Land of the Lost. Somehow Genevieve got seperated from her father and uncle and she was so exhausted that she passed out and a few minutes later was found by Will Marshall and his father Rick Marshall; who were out gathering firewood.
    WILL: Hey, dad! I think I found something.
    RICK: What did you find, son?
    WILL: Take a look for yourself dad.
    So Rick walked over to where Will was pointing at and saw someone lying unconscious.
    RICK: Will you better come see this for yourself.
    So Will walked over to where is father was at.
    WILL: What is it dad?
    RICK: More like who is it, son?
    WILL: Where did she come from?
    RICK: I don't know.
    WILL: How did she get here?
    RICK: Probably the same way we got here.
    WILL: Is she still alive?
    RICK (as he felt for a heartbeat): Yes she is. She's probably just unconscious.
    Just then a big Tyrannosaurus Rex named Grumpy came over.
    WILL: Dad, it's Grumpy!
    RICK: Will, we better get her to High Bluff.
    WILL: Yeah before Grumpy makes a meal out of her.
    RICK: Or us.
    So Rick told Will to pick the unconsicous Genevieve up and carry her to High Bluff. A few minutes later they finally reached the cave.
    HOLLY: Dad, Will who is that?
    RICK: I don't know who she is Holly.
    HOLLY: Why are you carrying her like that Will?
    WILL: Dad and I were gathering firewood when I saw her lying on the ground. She appears to be unconscious at the moment. We ran all the away here because Grumpy almost got us.
    HOLLY: Good thing you two saw her before Grumpy did or else she would've been a snack for Grumpy.
    RICK: Yes, Holly she is lucky that Will saw her before Grumpy did. (turns to Will) Will you can put her over here on my bed for awhile. Then we can make a bed for her to lie on for awhile because it looks like she might be staying with us for awhile.
    A few hours later Rick and Will finished the bed for the unconscious Genevieve and Rick told Will to move her from his bed to the new bed.
    WILL: Dad do you think that she'll ever wake up?
    RICK: I don't know son. Why do you want to know if she'll wake up or not?
    WILL: Well the truth is dad, I think that I'm falling in love with her.
    RICK: Will you don't even know her name yet and you're already falling in love with her.
    WILL: Yes, dad I know but I can't help it. Just look at her she is so beautiful.
    ~Meanwhile in another part of the Land of the Lost~
    Genevieve's father, Tarrant Hightopp and her favorite uncle, her father's twin brother, Tarrance Hightopp were looking for her.
    TARRANT: We have got to find her, Tarrance.
    TARRANCE: Yes, I know.
    TARRANT: I don't know what my wife, her mother will do if I go back without her.
    TARRANCE: I just hope that something or someone didn't get her.
    TARRANT: What makes you think that?
    TARRANCE: Well I keep hearing noises here but I can't figure out where the noises are coming from.
    TARRANT: Or who there coming from?
    TARRANCE: How true that is.
    ~Meanwhile back in the cave at High Bluff~
    Will was seating on the bed of the unconscious Genevieve. Holly went over to her brother.
    HOLLY: Will what are you doing?
    WILL: I want to be the first one she sees when she wakes up.
    HOLLY: If she wakes up.
    WILL: Holly, she will wake up. I just know it.
    A couple of hours later Will was still sitting by the unconscious Genevieve on her bed. All of a sudden the unconscious Genevieve starts to open her eyes a little bit. When she could see clearly she noticed Will and fell in love with him. Will noticed that she finally opened her eyes.
    GENEVIEVE: What? Where am I? Who are you?
    WILL: I'm Will Marshall. You're in the Land of the Lost. What's your name?
    GENEVIEVE: I'm Genevieve Amber Hightopp.
    Just then Will's father and sister walked over.
    WILL: Genevieve this is my father Rick Marshall and my younger sister Holly Marshall.
    GENEVIEVE: Please to meet you.
    WILL: Dad, Holly this is Genevieve Amber Hightopp.
    RICK AND HOLLY: Nice to meet you Genevieve.
    WILL: So Genevieve what was the last thing you remember before coming here?
    GENEVIEVE: Well I remember my father, my uncle and I were rafting on a river and then we came to a waterfall and then before we knew it we were here and I don't know how but somehow I got seperated from my father and uncle.
    WILL: Then why when my father and I found you, you were unconscious?
    GENEVIEVE: I was so exhausted from looking for my father and uncle that I passed out. Then I woke up here. Why did you bring me here?
    WILL: We only did because we didn't want Grumpy to get you.
    GENEVIEVE: How did I get from where you found me to here?
    WILL: I carried you here.
    GENEVIEVE: You carried me, Will?
    WILL: Yes I did. Why?
    GENEVIEVE: Well I just thought that it was your father that carried me not you.
    WILL: What makes you think that?
    GENEVIEVE: Well you don't look strong enough to carry me.
    When Genevieve said that Will got up and walked off and didn't say another word to Genevieve.
    GENEVIEVE: What? Was it something I said?
    RICK: Holly go talk to your brother.
    HOLLY: Ok, dad.
    So Holly went to go see what was wrong with Will.
    GENEVIEVE: By the way, Rick who is this Grumpy you and Will rescued me from.
    Just then Rick heard Grumpy.
    RICK: Come with me and I'll show you.
    So Rick and Genevieve went outside the cave.
    RICK: There's Grumpy.
    GENEVIEVE: You mean that Tyrannosaurus Rex.
    RICK: How did you know that Grumpy was a Tyrannosaurus Rex?
    GENEVIEVE: I learned about dinosaurs in school. And what I learned about the T.Rex is that they can't see you if you stand perfectly still.
    RICK: Are you sure about that?
    GENEVIEVE: Positive.
    RICK: Why did you call it a T.Rex?
    GENEVIEVE: Because it's an easier and quicker way than it is to say Tyrannosaurus Rex.
    RICK: Look there's Will and Holly.
    GENEVIEVE: Speaking of... What was up with Will earlier?
    RICK: I have no idea that's why I had Holly go talk to him.
    Genevieve was watching Will and Holly and she couldn't take her eyes off of Will. Rick noticed Genevieve looking at Will.
    RICK: Genevieve why are you looking at Will that way?
    GENEVIEVE: The truth is I'm in love with your son.
    RICK: You're in love with him?
    GENEVIEVE: Yes, yes I am. Please don't tell him that I am.
    RICK: Why not?
    GENEVIEVE: I want to be the one to tell him.
    RICK: Oh ok. I promise I won't tell him.
    When Rick, Holly and Will weren't looking Genevieve put up a force field to keep unwanted guests from coming near their cave at High Bluff.
    ~Meanwhile with Will and Holly~
    HOLLY: Will what's wrong?
    WILL: Nothing's wrong, Holly. What makes you think there is something wrong?
    HOLLY: Well it's just the way you acted earlier when you were talking with Genevieve.
    WILL: She told me that she thought I wasn't strong enough to carry her. When she said that I got so mad. I never want to talk to her again. Now I wish that I kept her where I found her and maybe Grumpy would've had her for a snack or something.
    HOLLY: Will don't say that.
    Two weeks have gone by and Will is still not talking to Genevieve. Genevieve still wishes why Will won't talk to her. Genevieve was outside thinking about how much she misses her father and uncle. She hasn't seen them for 2 weeks. Just then Holly came over to Genevieve.
    HOLLY: What's wrong, Genevieve?
    At first Genevieve didn't want to answer.
    HOLLY: Are you upset that Will is still not talking to you?
    Genevieve shook her head no.
    HOLLY: If it's not Will than what is it?
    GENEVIEVE: Holly, I haven't seen my father and uncle since I've been here.
    HOLLY: You miss them don't you.
    GENEVIEVE: Yes, yes I do.
    HOLLY: Tell me about your father and uncle.
    GENEVIEVE: What do you want to know about them, Holly?
    Holly and Genevieve didn't know but Will was close by listening to them talking.
    HOLLY: Like their names and where you live before you came here to the Land of the Lost?
    GENEVIEVE: My father's name is Tarrant Hightopp and he and I live in Underland with my mother, Tatyana Rachel Hightopp and my brothers and sisters. My uncle is my father's twin brother and my favorite uncle, Tarrance Hightopp and he lives in Wonderland. By the way both my father and uncle are known as The Mad Hatter in Underland and Wonderland.
    HOLLY: The Mad Hatter?
    GENEVIEVE: Yeah in Underland my father is known as The Mad Hatter to all of our friends there.
    HOLLY: Who are your friends in Underland?
    GENEVIEVE: Well there's Thackery Earwicket the March Hare, Mallymkum the Dormouse, Chessur the Cheshire Cat, Nivens McTwisp the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Also there is Mirana the White Queen and her evil older sister Iracebeth the Red Queen also known as The Queen of Hearts. There's Ilosovic Stayne, the Knave of Hearts, Absolem the blue Caterpillar and last but not least my best friend in Underland Alice Kingsleigh.
    HOLLY: What about where your uncle lives in Wonderland?
    GENEVIEVE: Oh there are my Uncle Tarrance's best friend, The March Hare. There's also Dormouse, The Cheshire Cat, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. There's The Caterpillar, The Walrus and his invisible friend Pinniped. There is also The Red Queen aka The Queen of Hearts. There's The White Rabbit, The Duchess and my best friend in Wonderland Alice.
    HOLLY: So there are pretty much the same people and creatures in both Underland and Wonderland.
    GENEVIEVE: That's right.
    HOLLY: Have they met one another?
    GENEVIEVE: No they haven't.
    HOLLY: What are your brothers and sisters names?
    GENEVIEVE: Holly it will take me all day to tell you the names of my brothers and sisters also my aunts and uncles and my grandparents.
    HOLLY: Why is that?
    GENEVIEVE: Well I have 24 brothers and sisters. I have 28 aunts and uncles and 5 grandparents.
    HOLLY: Five grandparents?
    GENEVIEVE: Yeah.
    HOLLY: How can you have five grandparents?
    GENEVIEVE: Well I have two grandparents, two great-grandparents and one great-great-grandparent.
    HOLLY: Oh I see now. What great-great-grandparent do you have?
    GENEVIEVE: Oh, it's my great-great-grandfather.
    HOLLY: What about your great-great-grandmother?
    GENEVIEVE: I don't know I never met my great-great-grandmother.
    HOLLY: Why is that?
    GENEVIEVE: She died before I was born.
    All of a sudden Will walked by. He said hi to his sister but he didn't say anything to Genevieve. That made Genevieve upset.
    HOLLY: Genevieve, what's wrong?
    GENEVIEVE: Why didn't your brother say hi to me?
    HOLLY: Yeah I know it seems like he still isn't talking to you.
    GENEVIEVE: How true that is.
    A few minutes later Genevieve got up and ran into the cave crying and threw herself on her bed. Rick, Holly and Will all saw her run into the cave crying.
    WILL: Dad, what's wrong with her?
    RICK: I don't know Will.
    WILL: Holly do you know what's wrong with her?
    HOLLY: What's wrong with her is you, Will.
    WILL: Me? What did I ever do to her?
    HOLLY: You haven't talked to her for the past two weeks.
    RICK: Will, your sister's right you haven't say one word to Genevieve for the past two weeks.
    WILL: I know but it was because of what she told me the first day we met her.
    RICK: What did she say, Will?
    WILL: She thought I wasn't strong enough to carry her from where we found her to the cave.
    RICK: Does she know that's the reason you have spoken to her?
    WILL: I don't know.
    RICK: Well I think you better go tell her you're sorry.
    WILL: Tell her I'm sorry. She should be the one to say "I'm sorry" to me.
    RICK: Why is that?
    WILL: She started it.
    RICK: Will?
    WILL: But, dad...
    RICK: Don't "But, dad" me young man. Go tell her you're sorry or no dinner for you tonight.
    WILL: Ok, I'll go (under his breath) but she's the one that started it.
    A few minutes later Will was sitting on Genevieve's bed.
    WILL: Genevieve.
    GENEVIEVE: What do you want?
    WILL: I just want to say that I'm sorry for not talking to you for the past two weeks.
    GENEVIEVE: I still don't get what made you not talk to me for the past two weeks? Was it something I said?
    WILL: Well as a matter of fact it was something you said.
    GENEVIEVE: What did I say?
    WILL: You told me that you didn't think that I was strong enough to carry you from where my dad and I found you to here. When you said that it made me so mad.
    GENEVIEVE: Oh, sorry about that, Will. I didn't mean it in a bad way.
    WILL: If you didn't mean it in a bad way than why did it seem to me like you did.
    GENEVIEVE: I'm from Underland, Will. It's just how we Underlanders are.
    WILL: Oh, I see.
    A few minutes later Will, Genevieve, Holly and Rick were out gathering firewood when Will and Genevieve started singing a song in their minds. Then Rick and Holly joined in but they didn't sing the song in their minds they sang it to each other without letting Will and Genevieve hear. The song they are singing is "Something There" from Beauty and the Beast.
    GENEVIEVE (singing in her mind): There's something sweet
    And almost kind
    But he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined
    And now he's dear and so unsure
    I wonder why I didn't see it there before

    WILL (singing in his mind): She glanced this way
    I thought I saw
    And when we touched she didn't shudder at my paw
    No it can't be
    I'll just ignore
    But then she's never looked at me that way before

    GENEVIEVE (singing in her mind): New and a bit alarming
    Who'd have ever thought that this could be?
    True that he's no Prince Charming
    But there's something in him that I simply didn't see

    RICK (singing): Well, who'd have thought?

    HOLLY (singing): Well, bless my soul

    RICK (singing): Well, who'd have known?

    HOLLY (singing): Well, who indeed?

    RICK (singing): And who'd have guessed they'd come together on their own?

    HOLLY (singing): It's so peculiar

    RICK AND HOLLY (singing): We'll wait and see
    A few days more
    There may be something there that wasn't there before

    RICK (singing): You know, perhaps there's something there
    That wasn't there before

    HOLLY (singing): There may be something there that wasn't there before
    Two more weeks go by and Genevieve is having trouble sleeping since her bed is 10 feet away from Will's bed. After Rick said good-night to Will and Holly who had already fallen asleep he noticed that Genevieve was still awake.
    RICK: You're still awake, Genevieve?
    GENEVIEVE: Yes, yes I am.
    RICK: Why is that?
    GENEVIEVE: Well I've been having trouble sleeping for these past two weeks.
    RICK: Why is that?
    GENEVIEVE (looks over at Will): Because my bed is like 10 feet away from Will's bed.
    RICK: Why is that making you have trouble sleeping?
    GENEVIEVE: I don't know it just is. I would love to be closer to Will than I am now.
    RICK: Tomorrow when Will and Holly are out gathering food you and I will move your bed closer to Will's bed.
    GENEVIEVE: I don't want Will knowing that my bed is closer to his just yet.
    Genevieve looked back over at Will. Genevieve sighed.
    RICK: What's wrong?
    GENEVIEVE: Nothing's wrong.
    RICK: Than why did you sigh for?
    GENEVIEVE: Oh I was just looking over at Will and I can see that he looks so peaceful when he sleeps. Well he looks like an angel when he's sleeping.
    RICK: You have got it bad for Will don't you?
    GENEVIEVE: Well I guess I do.
    RICK: You have to tell him how you feel.
    GENEVIEVE: I can't just yet.
    RICK: It's been a month since you've been with us.
    GENEVIEVE: I know, but I just still can't bring myself to tell Will that I'm in love with him.
    That night in bed Genevieve was dreaming about Will and in her dream she was singing to him. The song that she sang to him is "All My Life" by K-Ci & JoJo.
    GENEVIEVE (singing): Ooooooohhhh

    I'm So Glad...

    I Will Never Find Another Lover
    Sweeter Than You
    Sweeter Than You
    And I Will Never Find Another Lover
    More Precious Than You
    More Precious Than You
    Will You Are..
    Close To Me You're Like My Mother,
    Close To Me You're Like My Father,
    Close To Me You're Like My Sister,
    Close To Me You're Like My Brother
    And You Are The Only One My Everything
    And For You This Song I Sing....

    All My Life
    I Prayed For Someone Like You
    And I Thank God
    That I..That I Finally Found You
    All My Life
    I Prayed For Someone Like You
    And I Hope That You Feel The Same Way Too
    Yes, I Pray That You Do Love Me Too

    I'd Send You All That I'm Thinking Of........Baby

    Said I Promise To Never Fall In Love With A Stranger
    You're All I'm Thinking Of
    I Praise The Lord Above
    For Sending Me Your Love
    I Cherish Every Hug
    I Really Love You

    All My Life (Ohhhh..Baby, Baby)
    I Prayed For Someone Like You
    And I Thank God
    That I...That I Finally Found You
    All My Life
    I Prayed For Someone Like You
    And I Hope That You Feel The Same Way Too
    Yes, I Pray That You Do Love Me Too

    You're All That I Ever Know,
    When You Smile All My Face Always Seems To Glow,
    You Turned My Life Around,
    You Picked Me Up When I Was Down,
    You're All That I've Ever Known,
    When You Smile My Face Glows
    You Picked Me Up When I Was Down
    Say...You're All That I've Ever Known
    When You Smile My Face Glows
    You Picked Me Up When I Was Down
    And I Hope That You
    Feel The Same Way Too
    Yes, I Pray That You Do Love Me Too

    And All My Life
    I Prayed For Someone Like You
    And I Thank God
    That I...That I Finally Found You
    All My Life
    I Prayed For Someone Like You
    Yes, I Pray That You Do Love Me Too

    All My Life
    I Prayed For Someone Like You
    And I Thank God
    That I...That I Finally Found You
    All My Life
    I Prayed For Someone Like You
    Yes, I Pray That You Do Love Me Too

    And All My Life
    I Prayed For Someone Like You
    And I Thank God That I...That I Finally Found You.....

    The next day while Will and Holly were out gathering food, Rick and Genevieve were moving her bed closer to Will's but not letting Will know that her bed is closer to his. Now instead of her bed being 10 feet away from Will's bed it's now 5 feet away.
    GENEVIEVE: Do you think that Will will noticed that my bed is a little closer to his?
    RICK: No I don't think so.
    GENEVIEVE: I hope you're right.
    That evening Genevieve was dreaming about Will when all of a sudden her dream about Will turned into a nightmare. She was tossing and turning and then a few minutes later she woke up screaming, which woke up The Marshalls.
    RICK: Genevieve what's wrong?
    She didn't answer at first. When she looked at Will she started crying.
    HOLLY: Dad why is she crying?
    RICK: I don't know Holly.
    WILL: Dad she started crying when she looked at me. Why do you think that is?
    RICK: I don't know Will.
    WILL: Genevieve please tell us what's wrong?
    GENEVIEVE (through her tears): I just had a dream that's all.
    RICK: But you woke up screaming...
    WILL (added): And then you started crying when you looked at me.
    HOLLY: What was your dream about that made you wake up screaming?
    GENEVIEVE: Well actually my dream turned into a nightmare.
    WILL: What was the nightmare about?
    GENEVIEVE: I rather not say, Will.
    WILL: I'm going back to bed.
    When Genevieve knew Will was fast asleep he told Rick and Holly about her nightmare.
    GENEVIEVE: I thought that he was never going back to sleep.
    RICK: What makes you say that?
    GENEVIEVE: I was actually dreaming about Will.
    RICK: So is that why you didn't want to say when Will was here?
    GENEVIEVE: That's right.
    HOLLY: If you were dreaming about Will how did it become a nightmare?
    GENEVIEVE: Well Holly it became a nightmare because at first Will and I were out gathering food and firewood and then all of a sudden Grumpy came over.
    HOLLY: Then what happened?
    GENEVIEVE: Well Will and I started running and then Will tripped over a rock and hurt his ankle.
    RICK: What happened after that?
    GENEVIEVE: I tried to help him but I couldn't and he told me to go get you, Rick.
    HOLLY: And then.
    GENEVIEVE: I told him that I didn't want to leave him but he insisted on me to go get help. I told Will to stay perfectly still so that Grumpy wouldn't see him.
    RICK: Did he stay still?
    GENEVIEVE: No he didn't.
    At this point Genevieve starts crying again.
    HOLLY: What happened?
    GENEVIEVE: I don't want to say what happened next.
    HOLLY: I want to know what happened to Will.
    GENEVIEVE (through her tears): Well Grumpy got him. Then I woke up after that.
    HOLLY: So is that what made you wake up screaming.
    GENEVIEVE: Yes, yes it was.
    Later that night Will was dreaming about Genevieve. Genevieve was dreaming about Will again but this was different that the one she had earlier.
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    Chapter 2
    Angel Of Mine

    The next day Will and Genevieve were out gathering more firewood and food. Will was gathering the firewood and Genevieve was gathering the food. With Will gathering the firewood.
    WILL (talking to himself): How will I ever get the nerve to tell Genevieve how I feel about her? I fell in love with her before I even knew her name. She is the most beautiful girl that I've ever met.
    Now with Genevieve gathering the food.
    GENEVIEVE (talking to herself): How will I ever get the nerve to tell Will how I feel about him? He is the most gorgeous guy I've ever met since my husband MJ died. Oh, crap, what will I tell Will about my deceased husband. I don't know how Will will react when I tell him that I was once married long ago.
    Before Genevieve knew it she found herself at The Lost City where she met Big Alice the Allosaurus. She ran into the cave to get away from Big Alice. She thought that she was safe but something or someone came up behind her and grabbed her and took her further into the cave. When she saw who took her and tired her up she was scared.
    GENEVIEVE: What the hell do you want with me? Let me go. (thinking) These must be the Sleestak, Will told me about.
    SLEESTAK LEADER (pointing to the pit of the Sleestak God): You shall be sacrifice to our God.
    GENEVIEVE: There is no way in hell I'm going down there.
    ~Meanwhile back where Will was gathering firewood~
    WILL: I gathered all the firewood I need. I'm going to go take it back to dad and Holly and then come back and help Genevieve with the food.
    A few minutes later Will took the firewood he gathered and went back to where he thought Genevieve was.
    WILL: That's funny I thought that she was right here?
    All of a sudden Will sees her footprints in the dirt that lead to The Lost City.
    WILL: It looks like she went to the Lost City.
    Just then Big Alice appeared.
    WILL: Not now Big Alice.
    Will ran into the cave looking for Genevieve.
    WILL: I hope that the Sleestak didn't get her.
    All of a sudden Will heard someone calling for help.
    GENEVIEVE: WILL HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WILL: Genevieve, I'm coming. (to himself) Please be alright.
    A few minutes later Will reached Genevieve.
    GENEVIEVE: Will watch out there are Sleestak everywhere.
    Will took a torch and aimed it at the Sleestak.
    WILL: Back, back! Stay back! Run, Genevieve.
    GENEVIEVE: No, I'm not leaving you.
    WILL: Genevieve get out of here now.
    Genevieve ran out of the Sleestak cave and waited for Will at the entrance where Big Alice couldn't get her and where the Sleestak first grabbed her. A few minutes later Will came running over to her.
    WILL: Genevieve are you alright.
    GENEVIEVE: I will until you untie my hands.
    So Will untied Genevieve's hands. After her hands were untied she gave Will a passionate hug.
    WILL: What was that for?
    GENEVIEVE: For resucing me from the Sleestak.
    WILL: We better get out of here before the Sleestak come back after you.
    GENEVIEVE: But how are we going to get past Big Alice.
    Will had a plan to get past Big Alice and then a few minutes later they got past Big Alice.
    WILL: Now that, that's over. Let's go back to the cave.
    GENEVIEVE: In a minute Will.
    WILL: Why? What for?
    GENEVIEVE: There's something I want to tell you and I've been wanting to tell you this for the past month. But I couldn't tell you before because I just didn't know how I was going to tell you.
    WILL: What is it that you want to tell me?
    GENEVIEVE: Actually I'm going to tell you through song.
    WILL: What's the song called?
    GENEVIEVE: Angel of Mine.
    WILL: Why are you going to sing that song?
    GENEVIEVE: Because of the way you rescued me from the Sleestak.
    Now Genevieve is singing "Angel of Mine" by Monica.
    GENEVIEVE (singing): When I first saw you I already knew
    There was something inside of you
    Something I thought that I would never find
    Angel of mine

    I look at you, lookin' at me
    Now I know why they say the best things are free
    I'm gonna love you boy you are so fine
    Angel of Mine

    How you changed my world you'll never know
    I'm different now, you helped me grow
    You came into my life sent from above
    When I lost all hope you showed me love
    I'm checkin' for ya boy you're right on time
    Angel of Mine

    Nothing means more to me than what we share
    No one in this whole world can ever compare
    Last night the way you moved is still on my mind
    Angel of Mine

    What you mean to me you'll never know
    Deep inside I need to show
    You came into my life sent from above (Sent from above)
    When I lost all hope, you showed me love (Boy you showed me love)
    I'm checkin' for ya, boy you're right on time (Right on Time)
    Angel of Mine (Angel of mine)

    I never knew I could feel each moment
    As if it were new,
    Every breath that I take, the love that we make
    I only share it with you (you, you, you, you)
    When I first saw you I already knew
    There was something inside of you
    Something I thought that I would never find
    Angel of Mine

    You came into my life sent from above (Came into my life, yeah yeah yeah)
    When I lost all hope you showed me love (Boy You showed me love, uh huh)
    I'm checkin' for ya, boy you're right on time (But boy you're right on time)
    Angel of Mine (Angel of mine, oh mine)

    How you changed my world you'll never know
    I'm different now, you helped me grow

    I look at you lookin' at me
    Now I know why they say the best things are free
    I'm checkin' for ya, boy you're right on time
    Angel of Mine

    WILL: WOW! You have a beautiful sweet singing voice.
    GENEVIEVE (blushes a little): Thanks Will.
    WILL: So what is it that you're trying to tell me?
    GENEVIEVE: Will, I'm in love with you.
    WILL: You're in love with me?
    GENEVIEVE: Yes, yes I am.
    WILL: How long have you been in love with me?
    GENEVIEVE: When I first opened my eyes from being unconscious.
    WILL: Why didn't you tell me you were before?
    GENEVIEVE: I was too shy and plus you completely ignored me for two weeks.
    WILL: Genevieve, I'm in love with you, too.
    GENEVIEVE: You're in love with me?
    WILL: Yes I am.
    GENEVIEVE: How long have you been in love with me?
    WILL: I've been in love with you while you were still unconscious.
    GENEVIEVE: But you didn't even know my name then.
    WILL: I know but I thought you were the most beautiful girl that I've ever saw.
    Will leans in and tries to kiss her but she pulls away.
    GENEVIEVE: Will there is something about me you must know.
    WILL: Can't it wait.
    Will tries to kiss her again.
    GENEVIEVE: No, it can't wait.
    WILL: What is it than?
    GENEVIEVE: The truth is that I was once married.
    WILL: You're married? Than why are you in love with me?
    GENEVIEVE: Will, I said that I was once married.
    WILL: You're not married anymore?
    GENEVIEVE: No I'm not.
    WILL: Did you get divorce?
    GENEVIEVE: I could never get a divorce from my husband whom I loved with all my heart. But sadly, I will never see him again.
    WILL: I don't get it.
    GENEVIEVE: Will, my husband, MJ died 2 years ago today which is also the same day my older brother, Michael Rohan Hightopp died as well.
    WILL: Was MJ his real name or his nickname?
    GENEVIEVE: MJ are my husband's initials.
    WILL: What is his name than?
    GENEVIEVE: I can't tell you.
    WILL: Why not?
    GENEVIEVE: I promised MJ that I wouldn't tell anyone what MJ stood for.
    WILL: Oh.
    GENEVIEVE: I think that we should keep us a secret from your father and sister for awhile.
    WILL: Not tell them that we finally told each other our feelings for each other.
    WILL: Why?
    GENEVIEVE: I'm just not ready to tell them yet.
    WILL: I'm not ready to tell them either. So I agree we should wait...
    GENEVIEVE (interrupting): Will, just shut up and kiss me already.
    So Will pulled Genevieve close and started kissing her passionately. A few minutes later they broke the kiss.
    GENEVIEVE: WOW!!! You're a great kisser Will.
    WILL: So are you.
    Later that night Will and Genevieve are in their beds dreaming about making their beds into one big bed for both of them to sleep on so Will can have Genevieve sleep in his embrace.

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