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    Worms Reloaded Review


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    Worms Reloaded Review

    Post by alexaggab on Wed Sep 01, 2010 1:32 pm

    Worms Reloaded marks the series' long-awaited return to the PC in 2D form, but is largely the same offering as the

    Xbox 360 release of Worms 2: Armageddon. The game sports full Steamworks-integration to handle multiplayer, stats,

    and achievements

    Personally, I'm sad to report that the game could have stood to evolve a bit with this new PC version. I'm not

    sure what could be done to the Worms formula at this point, but it's a too close to what I played 10 years ago.

    The HD graphics help, but a few new modes and weapons don't really make this game stand out from Worms Wold Party

    or Worms Armageddon.

    There are a bunch of modes to play, including two campaigns and a mode that pits a single worm against an infinite

    amount of enemy worms, but the real value is with the multiplayer, which supports 4 players on the same computer

    or online.

    There are a good amount of modes available online ranging from competitive, ranked play to goofy, just-for-fine

    variants. Since the AI isn't all that fun to play over and over again, your enjoyment of Reloaded will likely

    depend on your willingness to jump online.

    If you've been playing the Worms console releases, you won't find a lot of new content here, but if you've been

    missing Worms and do not mind the old gameplay, this is what you want. The game hasn't really evolved since its

    previous 2D incarnations, but Worms: Reloaded is easily the best way to play multiplayer Worms on the PC in 2010.

    If you've somehow never played a Worms game before, this should serve as an excellent introduction to the series.

    You probably won't find it outdated, too!

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    Billie Jean Beauty Queen

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    Re: Worms Reloaded Review

    Post by Billie Jean Beauty Queen on Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:34 pm


    3D, high speed, feedback, Dolby..Release two or three, when I reach I can go ‘til I hit my peak. Compact steelo, chico, D-Lo, highpost lady...Shorty really wanna be there for me!!

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