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    Profile Music Video...

    Smooth Criminal

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    Profile Music Video...

    Post by Smooth Criminal on Thu Jul 15, 2010 6:33 am

    Billie had an idea of having a music player on the forum so you can stop, play etc whenever you wanted....

    However as you will already know, we do already have a music player within the MJ forum so what i suggest is going to that page then open up another page to the forum so you can browse the forum while listenin to the music in the background... how easy? Saves me lookin for a player, then in the end it not workin ya'know?

    Anyway i did find a useful idea which im sure many of you will like...

    It's havin music video in each of your profile's which you can stop & play when you feel.... it will be a youtube video which you will need and you can choose which video you would like to have & change it whenever you feel like...

    I have just included this within the forum & will show you how it works:

    Step 1 - Go to your profile, and find the field "Music" which is above the "warning level" field... in that field you will need the followin code:
    [left][flash(280,280)]Youtube URL Here[/flash][/left]

    When you include the Youtube URL the link is normally summit like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huYN-oDwjgY - u need to remove the "watch? & the =" and replace the = with a / so it will end up like this: https://www.youtube.com/v/huYN-oDwjgY

    should be summit like this:

    Step 2: Save & your done.... go to your profile & you will see your video, just hit "play".

    Should be like this:

    Note: You can have more then one video/song.... just repeat what i said, but i recommend if your wantin more then one change the size so its not actually a video more like a playlist... a good size for that is 60,60 replace the 280,280 which is within the code with the 60,60.

    Any problems let me know.


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