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    03 The War Between Sisters

    The Mad Hatter's Wife
    The Mad Hatter's Wife

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    Age : 35
    Location : With The Mad Hatter in Wonderland

    03 The War Between Sisters Empty 03 The War Between Sisters

    Post by The Mad Hatter's Wife on Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:45 pm

    Adventures in Wonderland Cast
    Alice: Elisabeth Harnois
    The Mad Hatter: John Robert Hoffman
    The March Hare: Reece Holland
    The Red Queen: Armelia McQueen
    The White Rabbit: Patrick Richwood
    Tweedle Dee: Harry Waters Jr.
    Tweedle Dum: Robert Barry Fleming
    The Caterpillar: Wesley Mann
    Voice of the Cheshire Cat: Richard Kuhlman
    Voice of the Dormouse: John Lovelady
    Walrus: Ken Page
    The Duchess: Teri Garr

    The Wonka Family
    Hatthia Wonka: Me
    Hatthia's twin sister, Deedee Wonka: Me
    Hatthia's mother, Willow Wonka: Terri Irwin
    Hatthia's father, Wilbur Wonka: Gene Wilder
    Hatthia's older brother, Willy Wonka: Johnny Depp
    Hatthia's older brother, Wilmer Wonka: JD Roth
    Hatthia's uncle, Murray Wiggle: Murray Cook
    Hatthia's uncle, Jeff Wiggle: Jeff Fatt
    Hatthia's uncle, Anthony Wiggle: Anthony Field
    Hatthia's favorite uncle, Sam Wiggle: Sam Moran
    Hatthia's other favorite uncle, Sam's twin brother, Greg Wiggle: Greg Page

    The Otterson Family
    Rosalin Otterson: Rolanda
    Rosalin's mother, Harmonia Otterson: Helena Bonham Carter
    Rosalin's father, Gagnon Otterson: Gary Oldman
    Rosalin's favorite aunt, Shoshanna Otterson: Stephanie "Stevie" Vallance
    Rosalin's uncle, Deran Otterson: David Thewlis
    Rosalin's aunt, Nazarena Otterson married to Deran: Natalia Tena
    Rosalin's older brother, Randell Otterson: Rob Morrow
    Rosalin's older brother, Darrick Otterson: Dakota House
    Rosalin's older sister, Claudina Otterson: Caterina Scorsone
    Rosalin's twin brother Jaysen Otterson: Jeremy Foley
    Rosalin's younger sister, Maitlyn Otterson: Madeline Carroll
    Rosalin's younger brother, Walden Otterson: Will Shadley
    Rosalin's younger sister, Alidia Otterson: Alina Foley
    Rosalin's boyfriend, Germon Barrick: Geoff
    The Mad Hatter's Wife
    The Mad Hatter's Wife

    Posts : 524
    Join date : 2009-10-13
    Age : 35
    Location : With The Mad Hatter in Wonderland

    03 The War Between Sisters Empty Re: 03 The War Between Sisters

    Post by The Mad Hatter's Wife on Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:46 pm

    Chapter 1
    Twins Falling For The Mad Hatter

    One day Hatthia and her twin sister Deedee Wonka were hanging out with their best friend Alice.
    ALICE: Do you two want to go to visit some more of my friends in a special place called Wonderland?
    HATTHIA: I would love to Alice.
    DEEDEE: Me too.
    So Alice took their hands and went over to her mirror and than a few minutes later they stepped through the mirror and now the three of them were in Wonderland.
    HATTHIA: Is this Wonderland?
    ALICE: Yes it is.
    HATTHIA: It's a nice place here.
    DEEDEE: Where is everyone?
    ALICE: They're at the palace because the Queen is having a party.
    HATTHIA: Alice, Deedee and I weren't invited and I think that it's kind of rude to go to a party uninvited.
    ALICE: That's ok. You can be my guests.
    HATTHIA: Well I guess that's ok.
    Now Alice and the twins were now at the party that was at the palace. The Red Queen walks over to Alice.
    THE RED QUEEN: Alice, I'm glad you made it.
    ALICE: Thank you, your majesty. Oh, your majesty, I will like to you meet my two best friends.
    THE RED QUEEN: It's nice to meet you. What are your names?
    HATTHIA: I'm Hatthia Wonka and this is my sister, Deedee Wonka.
    THE RED QUEEN: Why do you two look alike?
    HATTHIA: We're twins.
    Just then The White Rabbit came over.
    ALICE: Mr. Rabbit, I would like you to meet my friends Hatthia and her sister Deedee.
    THE WHITE RABBIT: Nice to meet you, girls. Why do you look alike?
    DEEDEE: We're twins.
    Then they met the Tweedles and then they met The March Hare and Dormouse. Then when they met The Mad Hatter they both fell in love with him.
    DEEDEE (thinking): He is so gorgeous.
    HATTHIA (thinking): He is so drop dead gorgeous.
    Just then both girls looked at each other.
    HATTHIA: Deedee, I need to talk to you alone.
    Now the twins are out of earshot of everyone.
    HATTHIA: Deedee what do you think you're doing?
    DEEDEE: What do you mean?
    HATTHIA: I heard you say that The Mad Hatter is gorgeous.
    DEEDEE: Well I can't help it.
    HATTHIA: Why not?
    DEEDEE: I'm in love with him.
    HATTHIA: You can't be in love with him when I'm in love with him.
    DEEDEE: I saw him first.
    HATTHIA: So! He and I have something in common.
    DEEDEE: What's that?
    HATTHIA: Both our names have "hat" in them.
    DEEDEE: So, I'm still in love with him and you can't stop me.
    HATTHIA *scoffs* Deedee you're impossible.
    And with that Hatthia stormed back over to where everyone was at. Also she and Deedee aren't talking to each other and everyone noticed.
    THE RED QUEEN: Hatthia, is there something going on between you and your twin?
    HATTHIA: What makes you ask that your majesty?
    THE RED QUEEN: Well when you got here the two of you were fine and now it looks like you aren't talking to each other. Why is that?
    HATTHIA: May I tell you later when everyone's not here?
    THE RED QUEEN: Yes you may.
    HATTHIA: Thank you, your majesty.
    THE RED QUEEN: By the way how can everyone tell you and your twin apart?
    HATTHIA: That's easy, your majesty. You see, I always wear a top hat and my (as she rolls her eyes) twin always wears a baseball hat on backwards.
    Just then Tweedle Dee walked over to Hatthia.
    TWEEDLE DEE: Hatthia, may I talk to you for a moment alone?
    HATTHIA: Of course you can, Dee.
    Now Hatthia and Tweedle Dee are out of earshot of everyone.
    HATTHIA: Why did you want to talk to me?
    TWEEDLE DEE: I wanted to talk to you about your sister.
    HATTHIA: My sister?
    TWEEDLE DEE: Yeah, Deedee.
    HATTHIA: What about her?
    TWEEDLE DEE: I think that she is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
    HATTHIA: Are you in love with Deedee, Dee?
    TWEEDLE DEE: Yes I am.
    HATTHIA: That's great.
    TWEEDLE DEE: Why is that great?
    HATTHIA: Well right now she is in love with The Mad Hatter.
    When she said that she looked over and noticed that Deedee was flirting with The Mad Hatter.
    HATTHIA: What is she doing?
    TWEEDLE DEE: It looks like she is talking to Hatter.
    HATTHIA: Actually Dee, she is more than talking to him she is flirting with him.
    TWEEDLE DEE: Flirting? How can you tell she is flirting with Hatter?
    HATTHIA: Well just look at her. She's making eye contact with him and she's batting her eyelashes and she's staring at him and winking at him. Also she's giggling at everything he says and she is casually touching him; meaning she is gently touching his arm during the conversation, she is smiling suggestively and she is also playfully teasing with him and she is twirling her hair on her finger. It's making me sick seeing her do that because that should be me flirting with Hatter not my twin.
    TWEEDLE DEE: Wait a minute are you in love with Hatter too?
    HATTHIA: Yes I am, but my twin won't let me have him. She wants him all to herself.
    TWEEDLE DEE: You know I wish that she'll flirt with me instead of Hatter, who by the looks of it isn't liking what she is doing.
    HATTHIA: What do you mean?
    TWEEDLE DEE: Just look at Hatter and tell me what you see.
    HATTHIA (as she is looking at Hatter): Oh, my gosh. You're right everytime Deedee touches his arm like that he pulls away and he is trying not to make eye contact with her. It seems to me that he doesn't love her like she loves him.
    A few minutes later Hatthia walks over to where her twin was flirting with The Mad Hatter.

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