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    02 A Pop Star In Wonderland

    The Mad Hatter's Wife

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    02 A Pop Star In Wonderland

    Post by The Mad Hatter's Wife on Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:38 pm

    Adventures in Wonderland Cast
    Alice: Elisabeth Harnois
    The Mad Hatter: John Robert Hoffman
    The March Hare: Reece Holland
    The Red Queen: Armelia McQueen
    The White Rabbit: Patrick Richwood
    Tweedle Dee: Harry Waters Jr.
    Tweedle Dum: Robert Barry Fleming
    The Caterpillar: Wesley Mann
    Voice of the Cheshire Cat: Richard Kuhlman
    Voice of the Dormouse: John Lovelady
    Walrus: Ken Page
    The Duchess: Teri Garr

    The Wonka Family
    Hatthora Wonka/Stephanie Rose: Me
    Hatthora's mother, Willow Wonka: Terri Irwin
    Hatthora's father, Wilbur Wonka: Gene Wilder
    Hatthora's older brother, Willy Wonka: Johnny Depp
    Hatthora's older brother, Wilmer Wonka: JD Roth

    The Olivier Family
    Rosalita "Lita" Olivier: Rolanda
    Rosalita's mother, Hilarie Olivier: Helena Bonham Carter
    Rosalita's father, Gaston Olivier: Gary Oldman
    Rosalita's favorite aunt, Sharissa Olivier: Stephanie "Stevie" Vallance
    Rosalita's uncle, Delsin Olivier: David Thewlis
    Rosalita's aunt, Nediva Olivier, married to Delsin: Natalia Tena
    Rosalita's older brother, Hussien Olivier: Henrik Sedin
    Rosalita's older brother, Hussien's twin brother, Darnal Olivier: Daniel Sedin
    Rosalita's brother, Maslin Alain Olivier: Marc-Andre Fleury
    Rosalita's younger brother, Javas Olivier: Jake T. Austin
    Rosalita's younger sister, Junella "June" Olivier: Jordan Todosey
    Rosalita's boyfriend, Gilderoy "Rory" Bryanton: Geoff
    The Mad Hatter's Wife

    Posts : 524
    Join date : 2009-10-13
    Age : 34
    Location : With The Mad Hatter in Wonderland

    Re: 02 A Pop Star In Wonderland

    Post by The Mad Hatter's Wife on Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:39 pm

    Chapter 1
    The Idol Of A Mad Hatter

    One day a beautiful young girl named Hattora was sitting in her room thinking about where she wanted to perform as Stephanie Rose when all of a sudden her mother, Willow walked in.
    WILLOW: I have a letter for you baby girl.
    HATTHORA: It's is addressed to me or Stephanie Rose?
    WILLOW: Stephanie Rose.
    Hatthora took the letter from her mom and opened.
    WILLOW: What does it say, baby girl?
    HATTHORA (reading the letter): "Dear Stephanie Rose, I, and all of my friends here in Wonderland were wondering if you can come here and perform for us. We would all like to meet you, especially me. Signed your #1 fan and president of your fan club here in Wonderland, The Mad Hatter." Wonderland? The Mad Hatter? Why do they sound familiar?
    Then it dawned on her.
    HATTHORA: Now I know why.
    WILLOW: What is it baby girl?
    HATTHORA: Mother, is it alright if I go see my friend Alice?
    WILLOW: Of course you can.
    HATTHORA: Thanks mom.
    So after an hour Hatthora said good-bye to her family. Now Hatthora is at Alice's house and Alice's mom let her in and then Hatthora went up to Alice's room. Hatthora knocked on Alice's bedroom door. Alice went over and opened it and when she did she saw Hatthora standing on the other side.
    ALICE: Hatthora, what brings you here?
    HATTHORA (as she takes out the letter): This letter.
    ALICE: Can I see it?
    HATTORA: Of course you can.
    As Alice read the letter she couldn't believe her eyes.
    ALICE: This is addressed to Stephanie Rose.
    HATTHORA: Yeah I know and looked who it's from.
    ALICE (shocked): The Mad Hatter!
    HATTHORA: When I read that I was wondering why Wonderland and The Mad Hatter sounded familiar to me and then I remembered that you told me about Wonderland and all your friends there.
    ALICE: That's right. Would you like to go there now?
    HATTHORA: I would love to. But Alice remember you're the only one in Wonderland that knows I'm Stephanie Rose.
    ALICE: Yeah I know. I won't tell them your secret.
    HATTHORA: Thank you, Alice.
    Alice takes Hatthora's hand and leads her to her mirror and than a few seconds later the walk through the mirror and now they are in Wonderland.
    ALICE: So, Hatthora welcome to Wonderland.
    HATTORA: It's nice here.
    Just then someone in a top hat ran by Alice and Hatthora.
    HATTHORA: Alice who was that?
    ALICE: That was The Mad Hatter.
    HATTHORA: That was The Mad Hatter?
    ALICE: Yes.
    A few minutes later Alice and Hatthora went to the Palace where everyone was at.
    ALICE: Hi, everyone.
    EVERYONE: Hi, Alice.
    THE RED QUEEN: Who's your friend, Alice?
    ALICE: Your majesty, this is my best friend Hatthora Wonka.
    THE RED QUEEN: Welcome to Wonderland, Hatthora. I'm The Queen of Hearts.
    HATTHORA: Thank you, your majesty.
    Just then Hatthora got a good look at The Mad Hatter and fell in love with him. She went over to The Mad Hatter and tapped him on the shoulder.
    HATTHORA: Excuse me, you must be The Mad Hatter?
    THE MAD HATTER: Yes, I am. And you are?
    HATTHORA: I'm Hatthora Wonka. I'm Alice's best friend.
    THE MAD HATTER: It's nice to meet you.
    HATTHORA: I understand that you're a fan of Stephanie Rose.
    THE MAD HATTER: Yes I am. How did you know that?
    HATTHORA: Well I have this letter that you sent to Stephanie.
    THE MAD HATTER: Wait a minute how did you get it?
    HATTHORA: Well you don't know this but I know Stephanie personally.
    THE MAD HATTER: So are you and Stephanie close?
    HATTHORA: Yes we are very close.
    THE MAD HATTER: How close?
    HATTHORA: Closer than you think.
    THE MAD HATTER: So where is Stephanie?
    HATTHORA: She told me to come here and tell you that she won't be here for a couple of weeks.
    HATTHORA: Well at her last concert she lost her voice.
    THE MAD HATTER: No not her beautiful voice.
    HATTHORA (thinking): He thinks I, meaning me as Stephanie has a beautiful voice.
    A few minutes later The Mad Hatter went home and Hatthora just stood there watching him leave until he was no longer insight. As soon as he was gone Alice walked over to Hatthora.
    ALICE: Where did Mr. Hatter go?
    HATTHORA: He went home.
    Hatthora sighs.
    ALICE: What's wrong?
    HATTHORA: I think that I'm in love with him.
    ALICE: You're in love with The Mad Hatter?
    HATTHORA: Yes I am and I'm afraid to tell him.
    ALICE: Why is that?
    HATTHORA: He may not feel the same way about me.
    Now it was time for Alice to go back.
    ALICE: Hatthora it's time we got back.
    HATTHORA: Alice is it alright if I stay here?
    ALICE: Why do you want to stay here?
    HATTHORA: Why do you think I want to stay?
    ALICE: Does it have to do with a certain Mad Hatter?
    HATTHORA: That's right.
    ALICE: Well if it's ok with The Queen.
    Just then The Red Queen walked over.
    THE RED QUEEN: If what's ok with me?
    HATTHORA: If I can stay here in Wonderland?
    THE RED QUEEN: Well, of course you can.
    HATTHORA: Thank you, your majesty.
    THE RED QUEEN: By the way don't your parents want you home?
    HATTHORA: No. I told them about coming to Wonderland to help Stephanie Rose with her concert here in Wonderland so they let me stay in Wonderland as long as I want just as long if it was ok with the leader of Wonderland and that of course is you.
    THE RED QUEEN: Well in that case you can stay here with me in the palace.
    HATTHORA: Again thank you, your majesty.
    THE RED QUEEN: Is there another reason why you wanted to stay here in Wonderland?
    HATTHORA: Yeah there is.
    THE RED QUEEN: What is that?
    HATTHORA: Not what, who?
    HATTHORA: Yeah there is someone here who's making me want to stay.
    THE RED QUEEN: Then who is that?
    HATTHORA: The Mad Hatter.
    THE RED QUEEN: Hatter?
    HATTHORA: Yes.
    HATTHORA: I'm in love with him but he doesn't know that I am.
    THE RED QUEEN: Why doesn't he know?
    HATTHORA: I'm too shy to tell him and plus he may not be in love with me because I have a feeling that he might be in love with someone else.
    THE RED QUEEN: Did he tell you who he was in love with?
    HATTHORA: No he didn't.
    THE RED QUEEN: Then how do you know that he might be in love with someone else. And who is that someone you think he might be in love with?
    HATTHORA: I can just tell that he is and who I think he is in love with is Stephanie Rose.
    THE RED QUEEN: You mean the Pop Star Stephanie Rose?
    HATTHORA: That's who I mean.
    THE RED QUEEN: How do you know that?
    HATTHORA: Well I know that he is her #1 fan, the president of her fan club here in Wonderland and I also know that he thinks that she has a beautiful voice.
    THE RED QUEEN: How do you know that he thinks that she has a beautiful voice?
    HATTHORA: He told me that she does.
    THE RED QUEEN: Why did he tell you that?
    HATTHORA: He told me that because I told him that at Stephanie's last concert she lost her voice. Then he said 'No not her beautiful voice.'
    THE RED QUEEN: Well, anyway good night, Hatthora.
    HATTHORA: Good night, your majesty.
    A few minutes later Hatthora was in bed dreaming about The Mad Hatter. Hatter was in his bed dreaming about Stephanie Rose. The next day Hatthora went to visit The Mad Hatter. When she got to Hatter's house she noticed that he wasn't alone. The March Hare was there with him having some tea.
    HATTHORA (in a flirty voice): Hi, Hatter.
    THE MAD HATTER: Hi, Hatthora.
    THE MARCH HARE: Hi, Hatthora.
    HATTHORA: Oh, hi, Hare.
    THE MAD HATTER: So, Hatthora do you want a cup of tea?
    HATTHORA: No, thanks. I don't drink tea.
    THE MAD HATTER (shocked): You don't drink tea.
    HATTHORA: No I don't and besides I can't have tea.
    THE MAD HATTER: Why is that?
    HATTHORA: I'll explain later. (to The March Hare) Hare do you mind if I talk to The Mad Hatter alone?
    THE MARCH HARE: No not at all. Besides I have to get home anyways.
    THE MAD HATTER: So what did you want to talk to me about?
    Hatthora couldn't stop looking at The Mad Hatter and she didn't quite hear what The Mad Hatter said.
    THE MAD HATTER: Hello, earth to Hatthora.
    HATTHORA (snaps out of her daydream): What? Oh, sorry I must have been daydreaming.
    THE MAD HATTER: What were to daydreaming about?
    HATTHORA: I rather not say.
    THE MAD HATTER: Ok. So please tell me something that I may not know about Stephanie Rose?
    Hatthora just rolls her eyes.
    HATTHORA: Like what do you want to know?
    THE MAD HATTER: Is she single?
    HATTHORA: Yes and no.
    THE MAD HATTER: What do you mean by that?
    HATTHORA: She's single now but before she wasn't.
    THE MAD HATTER: I'm still not following.
    Hatthora smacks her hand against her forehead.
    HATTHORA: What I mean is that Stephanie was once married but one day she lost her husband so now she is single.
    THE MAD HATTER: Oh, I see. Why didn't the magazines that I have read say anything about her marriage?
    HATTHORA: That's because she didn't want her fans and the paparazzi, you know the media to know that she was married.
    THE MAD HATTER: Who was she married to?
    HATTHORA: The King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
    THE MAD HATTER: So why aren't they married now? Did they get a divorce?
    HATTHORA: No they will never get a divorce.
    THE MAD HATTER: Then why are the not married now?
    HATTHORA: Well on June 25, 2009 she lost her husband Michael because that was the day he died.
    Hatthora starts to get emotional.
    THE MAD HATTER: What's wrong? Why did you get emotional when you said that he died?
    HATTHORA: Well I have been a fan of Michael Jackson since I was in Kindergarten.
    THE MAD HATTER: So Hatthora do you think that I would have a chance with her?
    HATTHORA: Whatever do you mean?
    THE MAD HATTER: I was wondering if I could ask her out.
    HATTHORA: I mean you could but you might get hounded by the media if they found out you two were dating.
    THE MAD HATTER: Now what is that suppose to mean?
    HATTHORA: I mean if they found that you are dating a celebrity they will not give you any privacy that is why Stephanie and Michael secretly got married so they can have some privacy without the media always on their back. If you want the media always on your back than don't let me stop you from dating her. But if you want to always be alone with her without the media than don't let them know about the two of you.
    THE MAD HATTER: Good point.
    HATTHORA: Besides, Hatter she doesn't want to get into another relationship.
    THE MAD HATTER: Why is that?
    HATTHORA: She told me that becuase of what happened to her husband MJ.
    HATTHORA: Michael Jackson.
    THE MAD HATTER: Why did you call him MJ?
    HATTHORA: Is an easier and faster way to say his name.
    So for the next two hours The Mad Hatter was still talking about Stephanie Rose and Hatthora was getting annoyed by it. So she finally told Hatter that she had to go.
    HATTHORA: Hatter, I have to go.
    THE MAD HATTER: No, don't go.
    HATTHORA: Why not?
    THE MAD HATTER: I want to talk about Stephanie Rose more with you.
    HATTHORA: *scoffs*
    THE MAD HATTER: What? Was it something I said?
    HATTHORA: *scoffs*
    THE MAD HATTER: Hatthora why won't you stay and talk to me about Stephanie Rose some more.
    HATTHORA: That's why I have to go. I can't stand to hear you talk about Stephanie Rose anymore.
    THE MAD HATTER: I thought that you and her were close.
    HATTHORA: We are but you are talking about her way to much. So now I have to go.
    THE MAD HATTER: Fine than. Leave for all I care.
    HATTHORA: Fine! I never want to talk to you ever again.
    Hatthora stormed off and The Mad Hatter was looking at the spot where Hatthora was and thinking what it was that he said to make her walk off like she did. A few minutes later Hatthora stormed into her room in the palace and threw herself onto her bed and scream into her pillow. Just then The Red Queen walked in.
    THE RED QUEEN: Hatthora, sweetie, what's wrong?
    HATTHORA: What makes you think there is something wrong, your majesty?
    THE RED QUEEN: Well maybe it was the way you stormed into the palace like you did.
    HATTHORA: Well it's The Mad Hatter.
    THE RED QUEEN: What about Hatter?
    HATTHORA: All afternoon he and I were talking and all he wanted to talk about was Stephanie Rose.
    THE RED QUEEN: You know he does love her very much.
    HATTHORA (unenthusiastically): Yeah I know.
    THE RD QUEEN: What was that about?
    HATTHORA: Well, Hatter was getting on my nerves always talking about Stephanie Rose. It was always Stephanie Rose this or Stephanie Rose that. At first I didn't mind and I told him somethings that he didn't know about Stephane Rose, but after awhile it was getting on my nerves and I just couldn't take it anymore.
    THE RED QUEEN: Than what happened.
    HATTHORA: We had a fight and I told him that I never wanted to talk to him again.
    THE RED QUEEN: Really?
    HATTHORA: Really, really. Your majesty may I please be alone?
    THE RED QUEEN: Of course you may.
    HATTHORA: Thank you.
    Now Hatthora is alone and when she knew The Red Queen was out of earshot she broke out into tears and started crying. She was crying because she was beginning to miss The Mad Hatter. Than she sang a song. The song is "We Will Be Friends."
    HATTHORA (singing): What if your friends
    Just don't wanna be friends
    But ya need to believe
    It's not really the end
    And you've been pulled apart
    But you know in your heart
    That you wanna reach out
    But don't know where to start
    I really regret
    The things that we've said
    It's hard to forget
    But I hope that...
    We will be friends, tomorrow
    Right to the end
    And then we will
    Wipe away tears and sorrow
    If we can be friends again
    Ooooh, ooooh...
    Remember the way
    We would hang out all day
    And whatever we did
    Always turned out okay
    One thing is for sure
    And everyone knows
    That we should stay close
    And I hope that...
    We will be friends, tomorrow
    Right to the end
    And then we will
    Wipe away tears and sorrow
    If we can be friends --
    I know, it's true
    Nothing can last forever
    But still, I feel
    This friendship will last
    Just like in the past
    We will be friends, tomorrow
    Right to the end
    And then we will
    Wipe away tears and sorrow
    If we can be friends...
    If we can be friends... again.

    Later that night Hatthora was in her bed dreaming about The Mad Hatter. Hatter was in his bed dreaming about Stephanie Rose but than he started dreaming about Hatthora.
    The Mad Hatter's Wife

    Posts : 524
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    Location : With The Mad Hatter in Wonderland

    Re: 02 A Pop Star In Wonderland

    Post by The Mad Hatter's Wife on Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:41 pm

    Chapter 2
    Hatthora Telling Everyone Except The Mad Hatter Her Secret

    The next day Hatthora was still in bed when everyone except The Mad Hatter walked into her room. When they walked in they noticed that she was thrashing in her sleep.
    THE RED QUEEN: She must be having a bad dream.
    ALICE: I wonder what she could be dreaming about?
    A few minutes later Hatthora woke up and when she did she noticed all her friends standing around her.
    HATTHORA: What are you guys doing here?
    THE RED QUEEN: Well we were wondering if you could tell us why you and Hatter had that fight yesterday about Stephanie Rose?
    HATTHORA: Ok, if I tell you will you promise me not to tell Hatter?
    EVERYONE: We promise.
    HATTHORA: The truth is, oh and Alice already knows this but I'm Stephanie Rose.
    TWEEDLE DUM: Are you sure?
    HATTHORA: Yes, yes I am.
    THE MARCH HARE: I have to go tell Hatter.
    HATTHORA: Hare don't! You can't!
    THE MARCH HARE: Why can't I?
    HATTHORA: Because I have to be the one to tell him that is if he'll talk to me when it's the right time to tell him.
    Just then something dawned on her.
    THE RED QUEEN: Why are you smiling like that?
    HATTHORA: I just figured out a way to talk to Hatter without him knowing that it's me.
    THE WHITE RABBIT: How are you going to let him know that he isn't talking to you when he will be?
    HATTHORA: What I mean by that Rabbit is that I will dress as Stephanie Rose. I know for a fact that he will talk to her. That is if he doesn't get starstuck and become speechless.
    A few hours later Hatthora was dressed as Stephanie Rose and went over to The Mad Hatter's house. When she got there she noticed that The Mad Hatter was sitting at his tea table all alone looking sad because he really wishes that he and Hatthora didn't have that fight last night. Hatthora as Stephanie Rose walked over to The Mad Hatter.
    STEPHANIE ROSE: Excuse me, but are you by any chance The Mad Hatter?
    THE MAD HATTER: Yes that's me. You wants to know?
    STEPHANIE ROSE: Well look up and you'll see.
    When The Mad Hatter looked up he couldn't believe his eyes.
    THE MAD HATTER: Are you Stephanie Rose?
    STEPHANIE ROSE: Yes, yes I am.
    THE MAD HATTER: I thought you had lost your voice.
    STEPHANIE ROSE: How did you know that I lost my voice?
    THE MAD HATTER: Hatthora told me.
    STEPHANIE ROSE: Speaking of she told me that you're in love with me.
    THE MAD HATTER: Well she's right. I am in love with you Stephanie.
    STEPHANIE ROSE: She also told me that is why the two of you had a fight last night.
    THE MAD HATTER: How true that is.
    STEPHANIE ROSE: Is that why you were looking sad when I got here?
    THE MAD HATTER: Yes that's right. Now that I wish that we didn't have that fight.
    STEPHANIE ROSE: Why is that?
    THE MAD HATTER: Well lately I've been finding myself thinking about her a lot lately. Also I think that she is very beautiful.
    STEPHANIE ROSE: Would you go as far as to say that you're in love with her?
    THE MAD HATTER: Yeah, I guess you could say that. Please don't tell her.
    STEPHANIE ROSE: Don't worry my lips are sealed.
    THE MAD HATTER: By the way I'm sorry to hear about your husband Michael Jackson.
    STEPHANIE ROSE: Did Hatthora tell you?
    THE MAD HATTER: Yeah she did.
    STEPHANIE ROSE: I thought so.
    THE MAD HATTER: Stephanie, I was wondering if I could have three things from you, please?
    STEPHANIE ROSE: What are those three things you want?
    THE MAD HATTER: Well your autograph, a hug and a (gulps) kiss.
    Stephanie gave Hatter her autograph and then she gave him a hug.
    THE MAD HATTER: Thank you.
    STEPHANIE ROSE: As for that kiss you want. Do you want me to kiss you on the cheek or on the lips?
    THE MAD HATTER: I was thinking on the lips, but than what if Hatthora walked by and saw us kissing on the lips than maybe she'll never talk to me again.
    STEPHANIE ROSE: Oh, Mr. Hatter you don't have to worry about Hatthora walking by.
    THE MAD HATTER: Why is that?
    STEPHANIE ROSE: She told me that she is still kind of mad at you for the fight you and her had last night.
    THE MAD HATTER: Oh ok.
    Before The Mad Hatter knew it Stephanie Rose gave him a passionate kiss on the lips. A few minutes later she broke the kiss.
    THE MAD HATTER: WOW! You're a great kisser, Stephanie.
    STEPHANIE ROSE: Thank you, Mr. Hatter. But please don't tell anyone that I kissed you just yet.
    THE MAD HATTER: Ok, I promise.
    Later that night Hatthora was in her bed thinking about that kiss that she got from The Mad Hatter when she was dressed as Stephanie Rose. A few minutes she fell asleep dreaming about The Mad Hatter. Hatter was in his bed dreaming about Hatthora instead of Stephanie Rose this time.

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    Re: 02 A Pop Star In Wonderland

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