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    what do you think of family guy


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    what do you think of family guy

    Post by angelaben on Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:34 am

    While watching the first Star Wars parody, Blue Harvest, from the creators of Family Guy, I was struck by the originality of the "episode" (competition with Robot Chicken aside!). Just seeing Peter as Han Solo, Brian as Chewbacca, Quagmire as C3PO, and Cleveland as R2-D2, among others, was enough to bring a smile to my face. It was one thing to develop those characters on a weekly TV series, but a whole different thing entirely to take that character development and use it to make fun (and pay tribute to) the first Star Wars film.
    In this second spoof, "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side", the Family Guy team sends-up The Empire Strikes Back. Since that first shock-value of seeing all our favorite characters in the Star Wars universe is gone, it is more up to the jokes than ever, as sight gags just weren't going to cut it anymore. Family Guy DVD 1-7
    With that being said, this entry into the FG cannon performs about as well as anything else...some jokes are brutally offensive, Family Guy DVD 1-7
    others fall completely flat, and still others are so funny that you'll be chuckling out loud and almost miss the next one! Really, the success of the TV show stems from the fact that creator Seth McFarlane and Co. know no bounds in terms of poking fun at anything and everything, and that is once again the case here.
    Basically, this was another funny little entry into the FG universe (literally!) that does pretty much what it is supposed to do. Fans of the show will eat it up (awkward moments and all), while non-fans will probably find it offensive and turn it off.

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    Re: what do you think of family guy

    Post by Billie Jean Beauty Queen on Sun Jun 13, 2010 6:54 am

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    angelaben - I am now warning you for the last time! Topics have to be posted in the right forum not just at random places.

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