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    Cumbria shooting rampage suspect's 'body found'


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    Cumbria shooting rampage suspect's 'body found'

    Post by Steph on Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:10 am

    Twelve people have been killed and 25 injured by a gunman who opened fire in west Cumbria.

    A body thought to be that of the suspect - taxi driver Derrick Bird - has been found in the Boot area.

    The first fatality was in Whitehaven before the gunman drove south, apparently shooting people at random.

    Witnesses said the suspect drove through the town with a gun hanging out of his car window, before heading south through Gosforth and Seascale.

    A GP in the town of Seascale said he and a colleague had later certified two other people dead.

    Dr Barrie Walker said: "The surgery was called and I went out. I've certified one of them dead. My colleague saw another," he said.

    "At present there are two people dead and one seriously injured in Seascale. I know one of the victims. She was in the street.

    "The second person was on a bicycle and was shot on the bike."

    BBC Look North Chief Reporter Chris Stewart said a farmer is also believed to have been killed in the Gosforth area.

    After the shootings, detectives said 52-year-old Mr Bird drove to the central Lakes in a Citroen Picasso, then abandoned it in the Boot area.

    Before the body was discovered people living nearby were urged to stay indoors for their own protection.

    Helicopters and armed officers from other police forces were brought in to help apprehend the gunman.

    Soon afterwards, Deputy Chief Constable Stuart Hyde said: "I can confirm that we've found a body in a wooded area near Boot which we believe to be Mr Bird, together with a firearm.

    "A formal identification will be made later."
    Smooth Criminal

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    Re: Cumbria shooting rampage suspect's 'body found'

    Post by Smooth Criminal on Sat Jun 05, 2010 3:07 pm

    Heard about this alot past few days... very disturbin... i heard he was under alot of stress? but anyway i feel sorry for all the family & friends of those he killed.


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