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    New character.


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    New character.

    Post by HealTheWorld on Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:36 am

    Help me with my new character?

    Here's her info so far <3


    Full name: Vianna Koisku the Death Bat Queen

    Pronunciation: Vee-ahn-ah Koh-ii-sk-uu

    Nickname(s) or Alias: The Death Mother

    Gender: Female

    Species: Bat

    Age: About 1000

    Birthday: 5/29/N/A

    Sexuality: Strait

    Relationship Status: Who needs a relationship when I'm an immortal death queen? (She's hiding the fact that she does ;3 He's not made yet)

    Religious beliefs: None, lawlz


    Food and Drink: lol, what's that?

    Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore :3

    Appearance: Picture at the end of the thread

    Height: 4'3 ft or 129.5 cm (Don't diss my shortness! I can kill in a matter of seconds!)

    Weight: N/A

    Figure/build: Average

    Eye colour: Red, like deep blood

    Skin/fur/etc colour: Fur: Light grey, dark white/Dark grey

    Preferred style of clothing: Anything grey <3

    Personality (and other stuff):

    Personality: Very dark towards anyone she meets. If she hates them, then they better run quickly c:

    Likes: Blood, screaming, rainy nights

    Dislikes: People, sunny days

    Favourite colour: Anything grey/black/red

    Hobbies: Being a death god/queen

    House and Home

    Nationality: Goddess

    City or town of birth: N/A

    Currently lives: N/A

    Languages spoken: English

    Native language: English

    Describe the character's house/home: She has no house

    Any significant possessions: Her heart necklace.


    Peaceful or aggressive: It depends who you are...

    Weapon of choice: Her sword/scythe

    Weaknesses in combat: None (Except when she thinks of her boy friend)

    Strengths in combat: Erm, she's a god? xD

    Relationships - Family

    Parents names: N/A

    Are parents alive or dead?: No one knows, they left after Vianna became god

    Is the character still in contact with their parents? No

    Siblings: None

    Partner/Spouse: Still making him

    Relationships - Friends

    Best Friend: Her boy friend

    Other Important Friends: None

    Acquaintances: None

    Pets: None

    Relationships - Enemies

    Enemies: Everyone

    Why are they enemies?: -pokes history-

    Life story:

    Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): When she was born, her parents didn't realize that she was a god. They just thought that she was stronger then everyone else. When she was 8, a god had come during her sleep, telling her how she was a death god, and how her parents would leave her.

    Teenage years (11 - 19): At 11, her parents learned that she was a death god, and during her sleep, they ran off. Her visitor when she was 8 had "adopted" her and taught her the ways of a death god. When she was 14, she was done with her school and was given her scythe.

    Adult years (20+): One day, when she was about 30, she met a boy, who she loved very much. This boy was very scarred from being hurt during his younger days. They had fallen in love.

    Then one day, when she was 49, his old bullies came up and beat him up horribly. She tried to stop them, but it was too late. He bled too much, fainted, and passed.

    Ever since that day, she has hated humans, and her boyfriend is now a ghost that follows her around.

    During their time of love, her boyfriend had bought her a golden necklace. SHe never let go of it for her life.


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