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    FullMetal Alchemist and FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood


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    FullMetal Alchemist and FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood

    Post by HealTheWorld on Mon Dec 14, 2009 1:17 am

    'Otaku' language used in this review:
    Manga- A right-to-left Japanese comic book
    Anime- A Japanese animation
    OVA- an Original Video Animation; an anime in a home-video format
    Cosplay- short for costume play

    Review: FullMetal Alchemist was first a manga in the Square Enix's Monthly Shōnen Gangan magazine, first showing in August 2001 and 23 tankōbon volumes. In October 4, 2003, it was made into a 53 episode anime. This anime concluded with a film.

    On April 5, 2005, another anime would pop up called FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Some novels, OVA's, drama CDs, soundtracks, video games, and even a card game have been adapted from the series.

    In English: This comic book became so popular, 2 cartoons, movies, music and a card game have been based off them.

    Storyline (from wikipedia): Edward and Alphonse Elric are two alchemist brothers searching for the legendary Philosopher's Stone, a powerful object which would allow them to recover their bodies (which were lost in an attempt to bring their mother back to life through alchemy). Born in the village of Resembool from the country of Amestris (アメストリス, Amesutorisu?), the two brothers live there with their parents. Their father, Hohenheim, leaves home for unknown reasons and years later, their mother, Trisha Elric, dies of a terminal illness leaving the Elric brothers alone. After their mother's death, Edward becomes determined to bring her back through the use of alchemy, an advanced science in which objects can be created from raw materials. They research Human Transmutation, a forbidden art in which one attempts to create or modify a human being. However, this attempt fails, ultimately resulting in the loss of Edward's left leg and Alphonse's entire body. In a desperate effort to save his brother, Edward sacrifices his right arm to affix Alphonse's soul to a suit of armor. Some days later, an alchemist named Roy Mustang visits the Elric brothers, and he tells Edward to become a member of the State Military of the country to find a way to recover their bodies. After that, Edward's left leg and right arm are replaced with automail, a type of advanced prosthetic limb, created for him by his close family friends Winry Rockbell and her grandmother Pinako.

    Edward sets out to become a State Alchemist (国家錬金術師, Kokka Renkinjutsushi?), an alchemist employed by the State Military of Amestris, which infamously annihilated much of the neighboring country of Ishbal's population in the past decade. Becoming a State Alchemist enables Edward to use the extensive resources available to State Alchemists, but it also turns him into what they call a "dog of the military". His more friendly relationship with Roy Mustang however, whom he reports to and who recruited him, allows the brothers freedom to search for the Philosopher's Stone as part of Edward's research, as each State Alchemist is expected to independently research new things which may be of a use to the State Military of Amestris. The brothers set off in search of the Philosopher's Stone as a means to restore their bodies. Throughout their journey, they meet many antagonists, including those who are willing to do anything to obtain the Philosopher's Stone; Scar, one of the few surviving Ishbalans, who seeks vengeance on the State Alchemists for the destruction of his race; and the homunculi, a group of human-like creatures who carry pieces of the Philosopher's Stone inside themselves, and from it derive the ability to survive almost any harm.

    As the story progresses, Edward and Alphonse discover the vast expansion of Amestris was the result of the homunculi, who created and secretly control the State Military. The homunculi and much of the high-ranking military officers are commanded from behind the curtains by the creator of the homunculi, a man simply known as "Father" who gained immortality by using a copy of Hohenheim as his new body centuries before the series' timeline. He plans to use Amestris as a gigantic transmutation circle, possibly to transmute the entire country into the Philosopher's Stone. When Edward and Alphonse discover Father's plans, they, along with other members of the State Military, set out to defeat him.

    My personal review: I will point this out now: I have not watched an episode in English, but I have seen some clips in English, and they are as good as the original (something I rarely say)

    As being an anime fan for about a year, I have watched mostly mainstream anime. I first heard about this show from a show called Lucky Star a month or so ago, which parodies various animes. In one episode, 3 of the girls see an Edward Elric cosplay, and reading the comments, since it was a youtube video, I got hooked by what the Lucky Star fans said.

    I searched 'FullMetal Alchemist episodes subbed' in google, and I had found a website that had all the FullMetal Alchemist episodes subbed, aka the REAL way to watch anime, in my opinion of course.

    After the first episode, I couldn't stop watching! It was amazing! Everything an anime SHOULD have, a good plot, recognizable characters, beautiful, smooth animation a good theme song, and of course the inside jokes, the most infamous one was the fact that Edward was very short.

    The animation was simply beautiful. It barely even looks like a cartoon, but real life (or as real life an anime can get XD) The best part about the artwork was Alphonse's body and Edward's metallic arm and leg.

    Alphonse's body is made of all metal, and I'm amazed someone could keep on drawing/animate him! I couldn't do it if I tried XD He looked like something you could see in real life in an art museum!

    Edward's metallic arm and leg are simply amazing as well. They look very life-like, like if someone owned a real metallic arm.

    I honestly haven't found many flaws in this show, except it's highly addicting. I suggest watching this show on a weekend or if you have nothing to do for a few hours and you just happen to be on the computer.

    Now, I am planning on reading the manga and FMA Brotherhood, but at a later date c:

    And now, here are some of my favourite scenes:

    The first fight; episode 1, ENG

    Ed and Al moment; episode ??, ENG

    Don't call me shorty; episode ??, ENG

    Some funny scenes, Japanese

    I hope that if you start to watch this show that you enjoy it as much as I do Smile

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    Re: FullMetal Alchemist and FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood

    Post by crazzycat on Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:44 am

    love this anime!!!

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