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    R.I.P. Michael Joseph "Joe" Jackson aka *MJ*


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    R.I.P. Michael Joseph "Joe" Jackson aka *MJ*

    Post by iMJ_Da_Way_U_Make_Me_Feel on Mon Oct 05, 2009 4:14 pm

    Michael Jackson, when I think of that name, many things come to my mind and some of them are:
    Michael Jackson, an angel, a legend, an icon, a hero, a human, a prodigy.
    Michael, beautiful, talented, gifted.
    Michael Jackson cared for the people and the world more then others would, he showed the world that he meant exactly what he said about making a change in this world, even if he had to die trying..he would die a hero. And he did.
    Michael Jackson really cared for the children of this world, of all ages, races, and nationalities. He broke racial barriers, and brought people together, using the one thing that was truly his, his voice, his talent, what he was blessed to have.
    Like any other human being, Michael Jackson did make some mistakes and encountered many problems and bumps along his journey through life...but through it all he still had his strength.. and carried on head held high. And he continued to carry on till the day that he died.

    That's the things that I think about when I think of Michael Jackson..how about you?

    My name is Christina Tate.
    I am happy to say that Michael Joseph Jackson is and always will be my idol no matter what.

    (People stop hatin' on him he's special okay)
    August 29th 1958 - June 25th 2009
    ***Gone But Not Forgotten***
    *~*KeEp ThE LeGeNd aLiVe*~*
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